Automatic soldering machine soldering tin mainly through the tip to complete, then the importance of self-evident, but the number of problems is often seen, often not resolved to find baffling, in fact, usually we only Need to pay attention to the following points will be able to maintain a good work efficiency, we will summarize the following methods:

1, automatic soldering machine soldering temperature and suspend the use of precautions, Automatic soldering machine in the welding temperature should be as low as 400 ℃, the middle of the machine should be closed when the welding machine and thermostat power supply and tin to the tip, to avoid the machine air burning, and iron head should always keep tin.

2, automatic soldering iron tip should always clean up; If the tin part of the tip contains black oxide, can be coated with a new tin layer, and then clean the wet sponge clean tip. The cleaning is repeated until the oxide is completely removed and then a new tin layer is applied. And regularly clean the tip.

3, automatic soldering iron tip selection and welding: Automatic soldering machine in the welding, the soldering iron head can not be forced to pick or squeeze the welding objects, cleaning tip application of the original / professional manufacturer of clean sponge, and add some water, add water, squeeze dry, to keep the sponge wet Can be.

4, automatic soldering iron tip to keep the surface clean: Do not remove any excess solder from the tip of the soldering iron prior to shutting down the soldering station. This excess tin protects the surface of the tin from heat when the tip is hot, preventing oxidation. Do not add any compound to the surface.

5, automatic soldering iron tip to do other uses: Because the relationship between the electroplating, the tip is absolutely not to use a knife file or grinding, not rub coarse iron head. It is recommended that fresh solder is applied to the tip of the soldering iron for the first time in order to remove the oxide on it.

6, automatic soldering machine should be promptly replaced tip, With the automatic soldering machine with the longer, the tip will be small-scale deformation and re-erosion, this time must be replaced tip, otherwise there will be a large number of non-scale products